Personal Information Management Program

Every two seconds, another American becomes a victim of identity fraud. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, there were 12.7 million identity fraud victims in 2014. Your Personal Information Management Program provides high touch, personalized resolution of any type of identity fraud. The program also contains components to protect your personal information. You are encouraged to utilize this service, free of charge, on an unlimited basis. »CLICK HERE to view your Program Overview

Existing Issues

Resolution of existing issues, suspicion of fraud, and related problems
These are highly robust services that address ongoing or suspected issues and problems associated with your personal identity. You have unlimited access to a personal fraud specialist to resolve problems of identity theft including medical identity theft, social media abuses including stalking and bullying, and preparation for settlement of a family estate.
Resolution Services


Concierge assistance of common personal identity issues
A significant part of your Personal Information Management Program is a set of comprehensive services designed to mitigate the risk associated with certain events that leave a person exposed. These personally assisted programs include the replacement of lost or stolen documents, protection from fraudsters and preparation during a change of address, and assistance with travel-related identity predicaments.
Concierge Assistance


Specialized measures to defend against identity-related fraud
Certain demographic groups are entitled to specialized proactive protection against identity -related fraud. These groups include: (1) deployed military personnel; (2) children under the age of eighteen; (3) mature Americans; and (4) those contemplating marriage or divorce. Special attention is also provided to policyholders who have experienced a home or automobile break-in or auto theft.
Protective Measures