World Class Personal and Commercial Risk Mitigation Services

GIS provides a world class suite of innovative and intuitive services to navigate life's biggest personal and commercial challenges. We know how difficult it is for families and businesses to mitigate risks and navigate the unexpected. So, we developed an unparalleled platform of advocacy and technology services to deliver one-on-one support and assistance for both families and businesses. For families, we offer resources for caregiving, healthcare planning, cyber and privacy protection and natural disaster services.

Our commercial risk mitigation services cyber and privacy protection and remediation, disaster planning and support, employment practice liability, business growth and continuity and chargeback advocacy. Through all of our unique service offerings, our philosophy remains the same - we enable our clients to plan and respond to their biggest challenges with innovative and comprehensive support and services.

The client always comes first

Our goal is to deliver a curated system of services and solutions that is right for each of our clients. That's why we work with our clients on an individual basis to build a service package customized to their needs. Our staff has decades of deep experience in cyber security, financial services, healthcare, associations and many other segments. This experience and insight, matched with careful research to client needs and a commitment to delivering impactful and personalized results, enables us to provide our clients with unique value and differentiation in the marketplace. We combine the best of industry experience, effective strategy, and customer analytics to increase and mitigate risk for our clients. All of our solutions are built with the same goal in mind - delivering world class services to our clients that remain at the forefront of high touch client advocacy, leading edge technology and capability.