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Background philosophy

Global Institutional Solutions provides high-touch, personal services for the benefit of insurance carriers and financial institutions. The company was founded to provide peerless service, well beyond existing alternatives in the marketplace. Programs address diverse challenges confronting the customers of institutions. These problems are normally time-consuming, costly, and highly frustrating.

About Us
Our pledge

We'll consider any comments or suggestions you share. We're known for being good listeners. Frankly, listening is the only way we know to identify and assess your needs. And after all, helping folks solve perplexing problems is our mission. Our product development team is well-known for creating cuttingedge solutions that benefit of our partner-institutions. These institutions have relied on our timeliness and innovation to service their policyholders, depositors, and members for over a decade. Ten years of listening taught many valuable lessons. Yet, one stands above all others: People facing complicated and stressful problems embrace personal advocacy assistance. Certainly, the experience is more palatable when the advocate is courteous and empathetic. But there is also a strong sense of empowerment: The customer is confident that a highly experienced specialist, well-versed in the required problem solving process, stands shoulder-to-shoulder with them throughout resolution. This relationship is most successful if access to the advocate is unlimited and without annoying time constraints. Competitors argue that our customer philosophy is old-school. But when personal advocacy is supercharged with modern, problem-solving technologies, our customers benefit from extraordinary effectiveness.

Meet Our Management Team

Sheryl Christenson Co-Founder, CEO

Sheryl Christenson is a co-founder of Global Institutional Solutions, LLC and serves as chief executive officer. Previously, Mrs. Christenson co-founded Identity Theft 911, LLC, where she served as chief executive officer. Mrs. Christenson is widely acclaimed as the creator of the one-on-one advocacy approach which provides complete resolution for identity theft victims without invoking a limited power of attorney. She is credited for creating many unique services, including the life stage approach to family privacy management.

Mrs. Christenson has 20 years of experience as chief operating officer for companies in financial services, credit, and international business. She served as compliance officer and partner for a regional brokerage firm. Her professional background includes work in real estate acquisitions and assistant director for economic development for the city of Bartlesville, serving as a member of Oklahoma Governor George Nigh's economic development committee. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Money, USA Today, and on numerous identity theft panels, including a televised special for PBS. Mrs. Christenson attended The University of Tulsa.