Personal Cyber and Privacy

Family Cyber

The Challenge of Protecting Your Family

Information at Risk

Preserving your personal information and privacy is more challenging than at any time. Certainly the outbreak of massive data breaches and the proliferation of identity theft is well known. These crimes inflict more than 12 million and cost over $50 billion each year. Complacency in managing your information leaves you vulnerable to risk of attack in many ways, including:

  • Compromised public Wi-Fi
  • Visits infected websites
  • Paper records and receipts
  • Online gaming and shopping
  • Online banking and insurance
  • Social media
  • Theft of mail or personal documents
  • Shoulder surfing, key loggers and othe third party intrusions

The GIS Family Cyber and Privacy TouchPoint Service is designed to complement a family's lifestyle and their stage in life. From the young professional just getting started to managed wealth clients, this unique program provides personalized services to meet each family's needs.

Addressing a Growing Risk

The GIS Family Cyber and Privacy TouchPoint Services program provides a comprehensive solution to cyber and privacy challenges. GIS provides unlimited toll-free access to a personal fraud specialist, as well as:

  • Education/Awareness: Information on risks, threats, and protection
  • Protection: Recommendations and tools to protect personal information, as well as immediate assistance when a company breach or third-party intrusion places your information at risk
  • Incident Response: When you receive a notice of breach from a company or if your information is put at risk we provide immediate steps to take. GIS Family Cyber service provides the immediate steps to take.
  • Resolution and Advocacy: We resolve the most complicated identity theft issues including medical identity theft and criminal identity theft, and restore you to pre-incident status. Access solutions to address risk of your personal information being fraudulently used.
  • Post Resolution/Ongoing : GIS Family Cyber and Privacy TouchPoint Service helps determine how your information was accessed and examines methods to improve your security from threats from people, technology and paper.

Research has shown that human error is a major source of compromises. Not knowing what to do or how to protect your information makes it that much more vulnerable. GIS Family Cyber and Privacy service provides practical information to educate you to the different ways information can be compromised and what to do to protect it.

Fraud Resolution

Families benefit from unlimited toll-free access to their personal experienced privacy advocate. The antithesis of a scripted call center, we offer one-on-one services to resolve known and suspected fraud and cyber issues afflicting family members. Fraud specialists work on behalf of you with all relevant parties. The process is accomplished without an invasive power of attorney. Families can expect effective and efficient resolution of the most confounding and perplexing cyber and privacy-related issues.

Social Media

Fraud specialists will assist social media users in protection of personal information and online privacy, address risky postings, defend against online fraud, protect sensitive information on mobile devices, and defend against viruses and cyber threats. Fraud specialists can also assist by investigating, resolving, and defending against the threats of cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying.

Document Replacement

Useful for families experiencing a natural disaster, residential fire or misplaced documents. GIS has vast experience in dealing with bureaucratic agencies and institutions regarding the protocols required to replace sensitive documents on an expedited basis.

Privacy Specialists

Trained specialists can perform proactive credit file and information reviews and provide resolution or name changes for family members before a wedding or in the throes of a separation or divorce. We can also help with safe relocation of information, assist in cases of travel emergencies related to lost or stolen documents and financial instruments, address information protection for children and a host of other issues related to specialized privacy needs.

Protection Following Home or Auto Break-Ins

Specialists provide victimized families of a break-in with guidance and proactive steps to protect against subsequent fraud. The service addresses protection of both paper documents such as investment account information and birth certificates, and electronic information held on family devices. If fraud has occurred, case-managed resolution is commenced to remediate those issues.