Merchant Chargeback Advocacy


Escalating Chargeback And Merchant Fraud

The Challenge of Merchant Fraud

All chargebacks are problems for the merchant as they are guilty until proven otherwise! Any business with a merchant account will agree. Chargeback management is a serious issue for businesses, sapping precious time and resources from core business activities. Even worse, 40 percent of small businesses have no effective chargeback solution, possibly perplexed by time consuming best practices. Unfortunately, permissive resignation is somewhat irresponsible - merchant fraud is manifest with severe consequences.

A Unique and Effective Solution

Merchant Chargeback Advocacy℠ is an enterprise-level solution designed for small and medium-size businesses seeking a trusted source for a myriad of chargeback and fraud-related challenges. Merchant Chargeback Advocacy℠ becomes the merchant's partner, assuming the heavy lifting of dispute and fraud resolution arising from charge card transaction processing. Our highly-experienced team of chargeback and fraud specialists is a powerful resource, available to assist merchants on a daily basis, or as needed.

A Program Unique in the Marketplace

The payment card infrastructure has made it easy for consumers to file transaction disputes, while merchants have been left with little more than condescending pointing finger. Excessive chargebacks will cause a merchant to be labeled "high risk" which may result in higher chargeback and processing fees. Abnormal chargeback rates can cause termination of the merchant account, a devastating blow to any merchant. This is why each merchant-business interfaces directly with our experienced chargeback specialists and is supported by our fraud department. Merchant Chargeback Advocacy℠ is highly effective and provides many beneficial services. The program lessens the burden of dispute resolution and related fraud perpetrated against small and medium size businesses.

Responding Promptly and Accurately to Retrieval Requests

Appropriate and timely responses within expected protocols are critical. Without these key elements, a retrieval request may result in a chargeback and subsequent financial liability for the disputed amount.

Dispute and Representment

Dispute resolution and representment are a core focus of the Merchant Chargeback Advocacy Program℠. Our specialists work closely with the merchant to assemble the most effective response. Together, they evaluate the merits of each dispute, based on associated financial considerations (each chargeback and dispute are subject to additional fees) and the strength of the merchant's rebuttal on a case-by-case basis.

Resolution of Transaction-Based Fraud & Red Flags Rule Compliance

Most transaction-based fraud is initiated with or discovered by a chargeback dispute. When fraud is discovered, the merchant's chargeback specialist may refer the case to our fraud department for investigation and possible resolution on behalf of the merchant. The service will also assist businesses to satisfy certain compliance obligations under the Red Flags Rule.

Reducing Chargebacks: Internal Analytics

Each request, chargeback, and dispute is tracked from inception to conclusion through a case managed system. This data is available for merchant use to improve operating performance and during proactive consultations with their chargeback specialist.

Reducing Chargebacks: Knowledge and Staff Training

Ongoing training of sales and customer service personnel is critical to ensuring appropriate and consistent transaction processing. The support library provides resources for merchants to incorporate into staff training. If the merchant adheres to Best Practice Guidelines, customers will have fewer reasons to complain or dispute a transaction.