Employment Practices Service

Employment Practices

A Comprehensive Program: Addressing The Risk Of EPL Non-Compliance

The Equal Employment Challenge

Chubb's 2013 Private Company Risk Survey points out a startling reality that businesses are increasingly concerned about litigation involving employment practices liability. Chubb reports that during the past three years, one-in-four surveyed companies experienced an EPL claim and over 40 percent of EPL claims are being filed against small businesses. The risk can be devastating for a small business because the EEOC is definitive that a company without a compliant EEO Policy and effective procedures to address discrimination has no basis for an affirmative defense!

Achieving Best Practices

Employment Practices Service provides businesses with solutions to address conflicts arising from equal employment opportunity compliance. These resources assist companies to develop a compliant EEO Policy, implement procedures to eliminate discrimination, and deploy a continuing education platform for use by managers and supervisors. The program adheres to Best Practice guidelines recommended by the EEOC. The program stresses that all employees have the right to work in a discrimination-free environment.

Comprehensive Program to Mitigate Employment Practice Liability

Assistance Creating a Compliant and Effective Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

The foundation to mitigate the risk of calamitous EEO litigation is the creation and adoption of a compliant and effective written EEO Policy. To be compliant, this document must address six clearly delineated sections. The EEO Policy must be distributed to every employee in a readable format which may require translation to languages other than English.

Assistance Creating a Comprehensive Equal Employment Opportunity Manual

The Employment Practice Service Program provides owners and managers a wealth of information and guidance to achieve Best Practices. Each document is available in a format that is easy to download and print. We recommend that this information be organized in three sections:

  • Best Practice Guidelines recommended by the EEOC and Department of Labor
  • Federal employment laws pertaining to discrimination and harassment
  • Applicable state laws addressing employment practices

Thirty Course Multi-Media Training Curriculum for Managers and Supervisors

A compliant EEO policy must contain procedures for training managers and supervisors on a continuing basis. An integral component of this program is a multi-media platform for accessing over thirty training modules pertaining to various facets of workplace discrimination and best practice management. Courses may be accessed in hard copy, PowerPoint, or video-with-audio overlay from any web-enabled device. The platform includes test assessments and reporting.