Disaster Response Services

Disaster Response

An Obligation to the Company, Employees, Customers, and Community

Disaster Threats to Small Businesses

Up to 40% of businesses affected by a natural or human-caused disaster never reopen, according to the Insurance Information Institute. One-of-two businesses never returns to the marketplace following a major disaster. Of those that do, half go bankrupt within three years. Sixty-two percent of businesses have no emergency plan, reports the Ad Council survey. Nearly 60% of small businesses victimized by a data security breach close their doors within six months, reports the National Cyber Security Alliance.

The ones that survive plan their response to a disaster before it strikes.

A Unique Program in the Marketplace

The reality of business risk is that certain events are beyond control. Large-scale catastrophes such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods are infrequent but all too real. More common, lesser disasters such as data breach, a protracted power outage or even a harsh storm, can be similarly devastating if it forces a business to shut down operations. The goal of GIS Disaster Response Services is to help a company create a culture of appropriate risk management. In doing so, we recommend best practice procedures and provide services necessary to quickly resume operations, ideally within 24 hours.

Emergency Planning and Preparation

Companies are provided access to online tools to expedite planning and preparation for emergencies and severe hazards. Managers are systematically guided through the best practice protocols recommended by FEMA and Homeland Security.

Business Continuity Planning

Managers are provided the option of creating an extensive Business Continuity Plan through an online portal. These important schedules and lists may be downloaded for multiple use and branded by the company - a process that has traditionally taken months can be accomplished in a few days.

Risk Assessment and Impact Analysis

The assessment of likely hazards and risks is integral to appropriate preparation. The online portal provides access to an extensive GIS library of hazard discussions to facilitate the risk management process.

Achieving 24-hour Disaster Recovery

The 24-hour goal is accomplished by emphasizing the three pillars of speedy recovery: pre-event backup and post-event retrieval of strategic information, available technology to resume communications, and access to an emergency alternate site.

GIS-Assisted Disaster Recovery Services

When necessary, GIS will step in to temporarily assume the company's call center functions and administer website and social media platforms used for communications. When required, GIS specialists will create social media platforms for the afflicted company. GIS also provides a variety of fraud services on behalf of the company, helps maintain continued access to financial accounts, and assists with the replacement of critical documents.