Personal Disaster Services

Personal Disaster

A Comprehensive Program Addressing Personal Disasters

What Families Can Expect

We pride ourselves in providing peerless service. All personal disaster advocates are adept at helping families resolve pressing needs during a natural disaster. Our disaster advocates can help identify shelter options to meet the specialized needs of a family with a senior family member, pets or special medical needs. We can also serve as a central place to leave messages for other family members or an employer. Members enjoy unlimited toll-free access to their advocate at all times. We know each family's concerns are unique and require a personalized strategy. As a result, a family facing a natural disaster will always find their advocate to be highly professional and cordial - the antithesis of a scripted call center. We are there for a family before a natural disaster to help them plan, during a natural disaster to help them find safety and shelter, and after a natural disaster to help them restore their lives.

Specialized Services

The GIS Disaster TouchPoint Program℠ is a specialized suite of services designed to help a family plan for a natural disaster, assist with reaching shelter and safety during a disaster, and restore their lives after a disaster. This robust solution includes personalized assistance from a disaster advocate, a website filled with education and information about disaster preparedness, and a mobile app to guide you during a disaster.

Family Preparations and Risk Assessment

  • Planning, Risks, Proactive Steps, and Communications
  • Creating an Appropriate Disaster Kit
  • Children, Seniors, Special Needs, and Pets

Personally Assisted Services for Victims

  • Evacuation and Shelter
  • Communications Triage
  • Maintaining Account Access and Fraud Protection
  • Document Replacement
  • Assistance in organizing property claims documents

GIS Disaster Response Platform℠ (State Specific)

  • Breaking Event News and Local Weather Conditions
  • Response Resources and Real-time Suggestions
  • Evacuation Routes and Guidelines
  • Communications Portal and Agent Lookups
  • Social Media Interface and Responsive Format