Personal Disaster Services

Personal Disaster

A Comprehensive Program Addressing Personal Disasters

What Individuals and Families Can Expect

We pride ourselves in providing peerless service. All personal disaster advocates are adept at helping individuals and families resolve pressing needs during a natural disaster. Our disaster advocates can help identify shelter options to meet the specialized needs of a person with a senior family member, pets or special medical needs. We can also serve as a central place to leave messages for other family members or an employer. Members enjoy unlimited toll-free access to their advocate at all times. We know everyone's concerns are unique and require a personalized strategy. As a result, each person facing a natural disaster will always find their advocate to be highly professional and cordial - the antithesis of a scripted call center. We are there for an individual or family before a natural disaster to help them plan, during a natural disaster to help them find safety and shelter, and after a natural disaster to help them restore their lives.

Specialized Services

The GIS Disaster TouchPoint Program℠ is a specialized suite of services designed to help an individual or family plan for a natural disaster, assist with reaching shelter and safety during a disaster, and restore their lives after a disaster. This robust solution includes personalized assistance from a disaster advocate, a website filled with education and information about disaster preparedness, and a mobile app to guide you during a disaster.

Family or Individual Preparations and Risk Assessment

  • Planning, Risks, Proactive Steps, and Communications
  • Creating an Appropriate Disaster Kit
  • Children, Seniors, Special Needs, and Pets

Personally Assisted Services for Victims

  • Evacuation and Shelter
  • Communications Triage
  • Maintaining Account Access and Fraud Protection
  • Document Replacement
  • Assistance in organizing property claims documents

GIS Disaster Response Platform℠ (State Specific)

  • Breaking Event News and Local Weather Conditions
  • Response Resources and Real-time Suggestions
  • Evacuation Routes and Guidelines
  • Communications Portal and Agent Lookups
  • Social Media Interface and Responsive Format