COVID Business Services


The Challenge of Reopening While Protecting Your Business and Community

Reopening at Last, But Is It Safe?

COVID brought so many changes and restrictions to our daily lives. Now as we recover, it’s hard to know what’s really safe. Should we still wear masks? If so, when? What type of environments are safe, and which are not? Is our workplace safe? Should we go back to the office? There are so many questions—and so much misinformation—surrounding our visits to businesses as a customer, to whether, as an employee, how to stay safe when working, and as an employer, how to keep our stakeholders safe while staying afloat.

We've curated a database of accurate, up-to-date, and vetted information resources for businesses to help you get through the next phases of this pandemic safely. Covid-19 continues to mutate and what we need to do to stay safe continues to evolve. We do everything we can to make sure you and your business and employees have the most recent and accurate information at your fingertips.

In such stressful and uncertain times, having access to easy-to-understand resources from leading experts is vital. All of our resources surrounding coronavirus are designed to be communicated simply—giving you access to the information you need without overwhelming or confusing you.

Clear And Up-To-Date Roadmaps

Most businesses are now reopened but people are still getting sick with Covid. So, what do you need to know? We separate our services into four sections—Basics, Plan, Recover, and Manage & Support.

  • Basics addresses specifics on the virus: what we know and what we don’t, mutations, vaccines, current treatments, specifics for high-risk groups, and medical connections that have been uncovered since the start of the pandemic.
  • Plan addresses safety and prevention, business strategy, leadership, finance, regulations, returning to the workplace, and culture. Are you thinking of starting a new business now? We have a section to help with that, too!
  • Recover addresses the same items as Plan, but from a recovery standpoint. We add to this section risk mitigation, scams, best practices, details for Human Resources, business travel, industry-specific guidance, and more. The Recover section also contains a separate grouping for crucial information published in the last four to six weeks to help you stay up-to-date quickly!
  • Manage & Support covers your business and employees from the manage & support viewpoint. Manage & Support continues the separate grouping for crucial information published in the last four to six weeks, and also adds a special grouping for possible futures!

Our goal is to provide you with resources and expert guidelines that are timely and curated from the leading experts to help you make informed choices with less stress and confusion. We're taking the burden off your shoulders, monitoring new updates as they come out, and providing you with clear roadmaps for your next steps, all guided by the experts.

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Need to Protect Your Family?

We also offer a COVID Family Services package to help you protect you and your family.